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Through the experience of running the Herman Krikhaar Foundation, we were faced with the same issues as all Foundations: the presentation of collections and exhibitions; spreading news, information and updates, and many other issues specifically related to non-commercial Art Foundations.

This brought us to the realisation of a need for a unique platform to offer a dynamic presentation of Art Foundations throughout the world.

Since WAF’s inception in 2014, we have received a warm welcome from Foundations with who we are now in ongoing dialogue. ‘World Art Foundations.com’ is growing steadily, becoming a reference for Art Foundations world wide through their participation.

We have set up this internet-based platform to offer:

  • WAF TV: the channel which shows personal interviews and dialogues with foundation founders and directors to increase awareness and understanding of their initial philosophy, specialties and developments;
  • information ​,​ updated on a daily basis​,​ about new exhibitionson our website ​and via twitter​ and Facebook​​;​
  • a live map showing the location of foundations together with directions on how to locate these; · a database of basic and specific information about each foundation;
  • newsletters which bring news and updates and the most recent interview;
  • news’ flashes which draw particular attention to exhibitions at art foundations around the world.

Many plans are in the pipeline and will unfold step by step.
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Do not hesitate to contact us for further information waf@worldartfoundations

*Together with her late husband Herman Krikhaar (1930 – 2010), artist and gallery owner, Helena Stork, art historian and writer, created the Herman Krikhaar Foundation, which she now runs, keeping alive its integrity and aims.

**After graduating from l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint Luc’ in Brussels, Peter Deckers opened his first gallery in 1982. Meanwhile, he collaborated with the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.  Afterwards, he co-curated several large exhibitions and directed the Espace Medicis, also in Brussels, showing artists such as Valerio Adami and Richard Hamilton. Deckers also oversaw the publication of art books and editions (with Jean Tinguely, Pat Andrea, Topor etc).
Between 2000-2013, Deckers coordinated the multicultural Espace Kiron in Paris and was director of the Kiron Art Gallery.
Alongside these activities, under the name of Varozza, he continued to work as an artist in different fields: performances, videos, installations, monumental sculptures, painting, etc. (varozza.art).

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