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Our vision is to connect and share the work of Art Foundations.

As Founders of a non-for-profit Art Foundation, we are driven by the same passion that fuels other Founders of Art Foundations. Our goal is to promote what makes each Foundation unique, sharing the individual choices and specialties we have adopted, which makes us who we are today.

We achieve this by using our online platform

        • WAF TV                                      Interviews with the Founders and Directors
        • Art Foundation listings             Find all the Art Foundations in one click
        • What’s On                                  Announcing your activities on all our channels
        • Careers & Grants                       Available opportunities around the world

Since 2015 we have created over 20 interviews with Founders and Directors, sharing their wealth of experience and personal vision to date. We would particularly like to thank the generosity of these Foundations;

Fondation Maeght, Fondation Guggenheim Bilbao, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Museum Voorlinden, Terra Foundation, Graham Foundation, Foundation Bernar Venet, Augusto Rancillio Foundation, Pyke Koch Foundation, Aperature Foundation, Berardo Foundation, Francis Bacon Foundation, Hartung-Bergman Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Brands Foundation, Langen Foundation, Rupert Museum, Estorick Collection, Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles.

Who we are:

Founders Helena Stork* and Peter Deckers**, with Director, Clare Hindle.

While running the Herman Krikhaar Foundation, we face similar issues, which Art Foundations are encountering, related to presentation of collections and exhibitions; to spreading news, information and updates, and many other issues specifically related to non-commercial Art Foundations.

This brought us to the realization of a need for a unique platform to offer a dynamic presentation of Art Foundations, which does not only aim to reinforce Art Foundations by creating this network but also to promote the activities and visibility of art foundations on a worldwide scale.

Since WAF’s inception in 2014, we have received a warm welcome from Foundations with who we are now in the ongoing dialogue. ‘World Art Foundations.com’ is growing steadily, becoming a reference for Art Foundations worldwide through their participation.

In 2020 we are entering a new phase by welcoming Clare Hindle to our team as Director. Previously as Executive Director for Cass Sculpture Foundation, a Founder led Foundation, Clare was responsible for delivering the mission to commission, exhibit and sell large scale sculpture, which included overseeing numerous international projects in Europe, North America, and China.

Together we will expand the active network of Foundations, further develop the membership model and secure new business development opportunities to synergize Foundations around the world.



We are a small team of ten people, please contact us for further information on waf@worldartfoundations.com

Or directly via

Peter Deckers: deckers@worldartfoundations.com

Helena Stork:  stork@worldartfoundations.com

Clare Hindle:  clare@worldartfoundations.com

Terri Morris***: terri@worldartfoundations.com

Terri Morris






*Together with her late husband Herman Krikhaar (1930 – 2010), artist and gallery owner, Helena Stork, art historian and writer, created the Herman Krikhaar Foundation, which she now runs, keeping alive its integrity and aims.

**After graduating as an artist Peter Deckers simultaneously worked in the art world as a gallerist, curator and manager of cultural centres, while pursuing his career as an artist: http://www.varozza.art

***As a Los Angeleno native, Terri has recently completed a Masters in Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris. She holds a BA in Spanish and Italian from UCLA and an MA in Linguistic Anthropology from the University of Chicago.


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