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Walter Swennen, untitled (sketch for Guillaume Bijl's 'Wit'), 2016

Walter Swennen, untitled (sketch for Guillaume Bijl’s ‘Wit’), 2016

Poetica: early poems evolved from folk songs or from a need to retell oral epics. ‘Poetica’ is the title of two books by Aristotle.

Politica: is deducted from the old Greek Politeia: ‘affairs of, for the citizens’, from which the title of Aristotle’s book: ‘Politica’.

Poetica_Politica: where art operates as a way of translating poetry and rendering affairs of, for the citizens.


Participating artists:

Marcel Broodthaers (°1924 – †1976, Brussels)

Panamarenko (°1940, Antwerp)

Walter Swennen (°1946, Brussels)

Francis Alÿs (°1959, Antwerp)

Kasper Bosmans (°1990, Lommel)


Foundation “De 11 Lijnen”

Groenedijkstraat 1

8460 Oudenburg, Belgium


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