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Barnes Foundation: Renoir: Father and Son / Painting and Cinema

Exploring the works of acclaimed director Jean Renoir and the influence of his father, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, on his art and life. Orson Welles described filmmaker Jean Renoir (1894–1979), son of renowned impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, as “the greatest...

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Museo Amparo: “La Metrópolis en América Latina, 1830-1930”

Sociopolitical upheavals and cultural transitions reshaped the architectural landscapes of major cities in Latin America during a century of rapid urban growth. Radical breaks with the colonial past, transformative architectural exchanges with Europe and beyond, and...

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Fondazione Pescheria : Matteo Nasini “Neolithic Sunshine”

the Fondazione Pescheria - Centro Arti Visive of Pesaro presents the exhibition Neolithic Sunshine, presents the first solo show of Matteo Nasini in an Italian museum institution, entirely conceived for this occasion. As the title suggests, the exhibition proposes a...

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Museo Calouste Gulbenkian: Summer Guests: Joaquim Sapinho

This exhibition is the second part of an idea that started in 2016 and aims to continue: bringing into the permanent display of each of the collections of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum the presence and reality of the other. This year, the challenge was proposed to...

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Zentrum Paul Klee: Petrit Halilaj “Shkrepëtima”

To mark the second edition of the biannual Mario Merz Prize, winning artist, Petrit Halilaj has developed a major new three-part project titled Shkrepëtima. The first element will take the form of a one day performance in Runik, the village where Halilaj grew up, (7...

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SkulpturenPark Waldfrieden : James Rogers “Punkt Stück”

  For James Rogers, the point in its perfection and simplicity is the ideal form and basis of a series of works that he began in the late sixties. Since then, the British painter, who has lived and worked in Wuppertal for several years, has devoted himself to Minimal...

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Fondation Prada: John Bock: “The Next Quasi-Complex”

This exhibition is conceived by John Bock (Gribbohm, 1965; lives and works in Berlin) for the Podium exhibition space. The project reflects his own practice that freely employs performative elements with audience engagement, installation, environment among others. His...

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Fondazione Merz : “Sitin”

Continuing the Fondazione’s ongoing program dedicated to the work of Mario and Marisa Merz, the exhibition Sitin  is the latest in the series of thematic presentations of his work. Previous exhibition's themes include: drawing in 2010; pictorial production and its...

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DRAF X Mostyn: “She sees the shadows”

“She sees the shadows… she even counts the tree-trunks along a promenade by the shadows, but sees nothing of the shape of things.”* In 1886, a 22-year-old woman in Lyon saw the world around her for the first time. Objects that had been instantly recognisable by touch...

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Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao: Javier Téllez “Shadow Play”

The work of New York-based artist Javier Téllez (b. 1969, Valencia, Venezuela) investigates the history of the moving image—its icons, social norms, and specific relational forms—while it systematically tackles institutional dynamics, disability, and mental illness as...

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Pyke Koch: A sphinx in the art of the 20th Century

An interview with Andreas Koch, co-founder of the Pyke Koch Foundation Pyke Koch before “De Oogst” (The Harvest), 1953 This autumn the Centraal Museum is holding a large exhibition dedicated to the work of Pyke Koch, an important painter of the Magic (Neo) Realism....

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