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DHC/art: Bharti Kher “Points de départ, points qui lient”

Bharti Kher is known internationally for her signature use of the bindi in works across painting and sculpture. Derived from the Sanskrit word bindu—meaning point, drop, dot or small particle—and rooted in ritual and philosophical traditions, the bindi is a dot...

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Museu Calouste Gulbenkian: “Pós-Pop Fora do lugar-comum”

This exhibition presents, in its entirety, works produced almost exclusively between 1965 and 1975, in Portugal and England. Some of them are united by a witty divergence from the commonplace put forward by Pop Art. And, in the case of the Portuguese artists, true...

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Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès: Marie Cool Fabio Balducci

As part of the “Poésie balistique” (“Ballistic Poetry”) season instigated at La Verrière, the Brussels art space of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, curator Guillaume Désanges presents a monograph exhibition by the French-Italian art duo Marie Cool Fabio Balducci....

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Museum No Hero: Living Colours

Color affects our thoughts and actions. Red represents danger, green gives us a feeling of safety and blue we associate with cool and cold. An abstract work derives its power of expression to a large extent to the colour and material choice of the artist. Panel or...

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Langen Foundation: ‘Polyphon’

The exhibition POLYPHON brings together works by six artists represented in the Viehof Collection: Thomas Houseago, Kimsooja, Danh Vo, Marijke van Warmerdam, Corinne Wasmuht and David Zink Yi. These artists differ in terms of working approach and themes, employing...

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Ballroom Marfa: “Hyperobjects”

This group exhibition is co-organized by philosopher and Rice University professor Timothy Morton and Ballroom Marfa Director & Curator Laura Copelin, engaging ideas from Morton’s theory to confront the overwhelming scale of today’s ecological crisis. The exhibition...

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Parasol Unit: Carlos Garaicoa

Showing here in London for the first time in a public institution, the Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa reflects upon ‘the city’ – its limitations, potential and possibilities – as a physical infrastructure, social network and political space in this exhibition comprised...

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Fondation Vincent Van Gogh: Paul Nash “Sunflower Rises”

The Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles brings to its space the British artist Paul Nash (1889-1946), a major painter of the 20th century still under-recognized in France, whose works selected for this exhibition are imbued with a surrealist atmosphere and a sense of the...

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Cue Art foundation: Judy Linn “Lunch”

The Cue art foundation is hosting a new exhibition dedicated to the work of the artist Judy Linn. Linn’s subjects are objects and scenes of the everyday—an apartment complex, a woman’s hair, the back of a truck—yet not as we experience them. In the space of Linn’s...

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Pirelli HangarBicocca: Matt Mullican “The Feeling of Things”

Tthe most extensive retrospective ever staged of the work of Matt Mullican (Santa Monica, California, 1951), a renowned American artist, active since the start of the 1970s and a pioneer in the use of hypnosis as a performance practice in art. The exhibition, which...

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Fondazione Constantino Nivola : Lo spazio del sacro

  The Nivola museum presents an exhibition on a project that brought the relationship between art and architecture into the contemporary world. In 1998, the architects Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon were commissioned to design the church of the Santo Volto di Gesù,...

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Pyke Koch: A sphinx in the art of the 20th Century

An interview with Andreas Koch, co-founder of the Pyke Koch Foundation Pyke Koch before “De Oogst” (The Harvest), 1953 This autumn the Centraal Museum is holding a large exhibition dedicated to the work of Pyke Koch, an important painter of the Magic (Neo) Realism....

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