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Zeitz MOCAA: Yinka Shonibare ‘ADDIO DEL PASSATO’

  Yinka Shonibare’s, MBE (RA), occupation of the Dusthouse, the third building that forms part of the Zeitz MOCAA campus, is an extraordinary acknowledgement of how the past and present engage to create meaning. Historically, the Dusthouse filtered the air of the...

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Parasol Unit: Martin Puryear

This solo exhibition of works by the distinguished American artist Martin Puryear spans almost 40 years of the artist’s career and presents over thirty works, including sculpture and works on paper. Martin Puryear’s abstract sculptures are extraordinary. His reductive...

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INDEX: Beth Laurin ‘Provisorium’

Since the 1960s, this Swedish artist Beth Laurin (born 1935 in Stockholm) has developed an impressive body of work which isn’t easily classified. It includes sculpture and objects, performance, drawing, sound, text, photography and video, and often incorporates found...

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Marabouparken: ‘Mouth Shut, Loud Shouts’

Mouth Shut, Loud Shouts deals with questions of censorship and silencing deeply rooted in colonial regimes. The suppression of speech, information, language and image is expansive and operates in different ways across the globe. Works within the exhibition present how...

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U.C.C.A.: ‘Cold Nights’

This exhibition grows from modern Chinese writer Ba Jin’s eponymous 1947 novel, which recounts the collapse of a family of intellectuals owing to domestic conflict against a background of national crisis. The curators invited the four artists, after reading the story,...

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Gulbenkian: Marie José Burki

Marie José Burki (Bienne, Switzerland, 1961) works primarily through the medium of film, drawing at times on photography, silkscreen printing and the use of objects in installations which she exploits from a formal, spatial, geometric, sonic and linguistic...

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MAPFRE: Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon (born Detroit, Michigan, 1947), has occupied a prominent and unique place in the history of photography of the past few decades. Focused primarily on portraiture and with a clear interest in the camera’s descriptive potential, his work reveals a tension...

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Zentrum Paul Klee: 10 Americans

The exhibition is the very first substantial show to illustrate the impact of Paul Klee′s work on mid-twentieth-century U.S. art. Ten selected American artists, including notables such as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell and Mark Tobey, will bear eloquent and...

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Aperture: Claude Iverné ‘Bilad es Sudan’

In 1999, Claude Iverné first set off along the Darb al Arba’ïn (Forty Days Trail), the ancient caravan route linking Egypt and the sultanate of Darfur. Ever since, Iverné has been working in the region, focusing on North Sudan in particular, wandering through the...

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Graham Foundation: David Hartt ‘The Forest’

Borrowing its title from a chapter of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ 1955 memoir Tristes Tropiques, this multi-part installation by artist David Hartt.continues Hartt’s investigation into the relationship between ideology, architecture, and the environment by revisiting...

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Olbricht ME Collector ‘Portrait of a Nation’

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the creative practices of 50 contemporary artists from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Visitors are invited to explore the country through the individual perspectives of the participating artists who call it home. The exhibition is...

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ARTER: CANAN ‘Behind Mountain Qaf’

The exhibition brings together new works CANAN produced especially for this exhibition along with a number of earlier works, some of which are shown for the first time ever. Unfolding across Arter's three gallery floors, "Behind Mount Qaf" constitutes a comprehensive...

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Langen Foundation: ‘Fort Limbo’

This solo exhibition Limbo by the artist collective FORT, comprised of Jenny Kropp (b. 1978 in Frankfurt am Main) and Alberta Niemann (b. 1982 in Bremen), FORT creates installations, videos, and performances. In their works, which are usually site-specific, they...

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Red Brick Art Museum: Danwen Xing

Danwen Xing's first substantial solo show in China to date is showcasing photography, installation, and video pieces, as well as new productions exhibited for the first time. The title of the exhibition is the English translation of Un captif amoureux, the title of...

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Didrichsen Art Museum: Osmo Rauhala ‘Mirror Test’

Osmo Rauhala is one of the pioneers of the current international movement in Finnish contemporary art. In late 1980’s he moved to New York and made his Master Degree in art over there 1990. Since that he has had over 40 solo-exhibitions including 11 one- man museum...

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Thoma Foundation: Second Skin & Colour Games

Second Skin proposes that an artwork’s surface is an interface (to use a digital metaphor) or a membrane (to use a biological one) created to express a shared, social identity. Bringing together artworks in a range of media from 1970 through 2017, including costumes,...

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