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Fundación MAPFRE: Berenice Abbott “Portraits of Modernity “

This anthological exhibition offers an exhaustive survey of the career of this American photographer, whose body of work is one of the most captivating in North American photography from the first half of the 20th century, acting as a bridge between the avant-garde...

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Estorick Collection: Fausto Melotti “Counterpoint”

The harmonious and delicately-poised work of Fausto Melotti (1901-1986) is revered in Italy, yet surprisingly little-known in the United Kingdom. Informed by the languages of music and mathematics, his artistic activity spanned a variety of disciplines and media and...

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Fundació Joan Miró: Lina Bo Bardi “Drawings”

This exhibition is about the profound sense of connection that architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) had with drawing. More than the design tool of a designer, to her, drawing was a primary expressive means driven by a strong sense of curiosity and doubt. She never...

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Aperture: Aperture Photographs

Charting over fifty years of our limited-edition print program, Aperture Photographs charts the progression of photography itself, from the founding photographers of Aperture to contemporary innovators of today. Aperture Photographs follows the evolution of Aperture...

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Marciano Foundation: Glenn Ligon

    The American artist Glenn Ligon (b.1960) is best known for his landmark text-based paintings, made since the late 1980s, which draw on the influential writings and speech of 20th-century cultural figures including Jean Genet, Zora Neale Hurston, Jesse Jackson, and...

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Kadist San Francisco: “Here We Live / The Feeling Sense”

Living in a city, town, or village often entails being privy to its changes, more often than not, in rapid and unsettling ways. Presenting videos, installations, and archival materials, the exhibition Here We Live, sheds light on the ways in which communities adapt,...

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Museum Belvédère: Ruud van Empel “Nature is Kind”

Ruud van Empel’s distinctive style has evolved through an ongoing exploration of the tension between straight photography and digital technology. His images are digitally constructed from a synthesis of hundreds of diverse fragments taken from his own photographs. He...

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Kadist Paris: “Affective Utopia”

Unfolding as three chapters and public events, the exhibition offers a reflection on the tensions generated by South/North issues, posing the question of how art can be a critical tool to rethink socialization and the affective geographic concepts of belonging,...

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Fondation François Schneider: Talents Contemporains 7th Edition

They are walkers in the vast, mountainous, log, nature, sculpture, dived in the oceans, being a resident with refugee populations. They are still a designer algorithm, photographer, ethnologist, painter of desolation or plastic surgeon of fragility. The cuvée 2017...

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Museum De Pont: Richard Long

The basis of Long’s work is always a simple geometric form: the circle, the line, the spiral or the cross – minimal forms that stand out in the landscape because they have been produced by human hands. Long has left them behind on his endless walks throughout the...

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Pyke Koch: A sphinx in the art of the 20th Century

An interview with Andreas Koch, co-founder of the Pyke Koch Foundation Pyke Koch before “De Oogst” (The Harvest), 1953 This autumn the Centraal Museum is holding a large exhibition dedicated to the work of Pyke Koch, an important painter of the Magic (Neo) Realism....

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